Whole Pig Deposit

Whole Pig Deposit

$ 300.00

We raise Berkshire, Tamworth, and Gloucester Old Spot pigs in our woods on our farm. They are free to forage, roam, dig, and have the highest quality of life on our farm. We feed them a supplemental Non GMO feed that has no corn or soy in it.

We have limited whole pig orders, but it is a very economical way to get lots of fantastic pasture raised pork. Here is how it works:

*You order a half pig and put down a $300 deposit.
*We charge $4.25/lb for the hanging weight (typically 200-240 lbs)
*We take the pig to get butchered
*I then give you the hanging weight of the animal. Ex: 210 lbs.
*Multiply $4.25 x 210 lbs (or whatever the hanging weight is for that animal)
*I can put you in contact directly with the butcher who can help you pick the cuts of meat, or I can do that for you.
*I will pick up the meat when it is ready and you can pick it up at our farm, drop off locations, or you can go directly to the processor and pick it up.
*Processing fees are $.75/lb for the cut & wrap + $65 kill fee. The processor charges slightly more to cure bacon and hams.

Estimated total cost for a whole pig: $1,270 for an estimated 155-180 lbs of meat