Pork Box

Pork Box

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Our heritage breed pork is like nothing that you have bought from a grocery store. It is not pale and void of flavor. Instead it is fantastically rich in both flavor and color. 

This box will give you a sample of our premium pasture raised pork without breaking the bank at $8/lb 25 lb box and $9/lb 10 lb box

Example of a 25lb box:
3 packs of pork chops (2/pack)
3 Ground Pork
3 packs of Sausage
2 Shoulder roasts
2 packs of Bratwursts
2 packs of German Sausage
1 pack of Bacon
1 pack of Pork Bones

Example of a 10lb box:
2 packs of pork chops (2/pack)
2 packs ground pork
2 packs breakfast sausage
1 should roast