1/4, 1/2, Whole Cow Deposit

1/4, 1/2, Whole Cow Deposit

$ 300.00

Our beef is 100% grassfed and finished! We rotationally graze our cows from March-December to make sure that they get the freshest grass.

Rotational grazing is beneficial for the environment by allowing adequate rest for the grass to grow while increasing plant diversity. 

A 1/4 Cow is a fantastic way to feed a small family for the year or a group of friends! You will get a mix of steaks, roasts, and ground beef.

Cuts in a 1/4 Cow from Cascade Farm:

Steaks: Bone-in Rib eyes, Filet Mignon, NY Strip Steaks, Top Sirloin Steaks, Sirloin Tip Steaks, Flank (if available), Skirt, Flat Iron, Chuck Eye Steaks, and London Broils.

Roasts & Slow Cooking Cuts: Cross Rib Roast, Bottom Round Roast, Eye of Round Roast, Brisket, Short Ribs, 3 inch Beef Shanks, Stock Bones for broth.

Ground Beef. About 40-50% of your order will be ground. 

Price: $4.00 Hanging Weight 

Estimated final cost 1/4 Cow: $725-850 for 100-115 lbs of meat 

When your order is ready you can either pick it up at our farm and see where we raise our animals or we can coordinate a convenient way to pick it up over email within Washington and the greater Portland area. 

Place a deposit for immediate delivery!

If you want a 1/2 of a cow place two deposits. If you want a whole cow then place four deposits. 

Deposits not refundable.