About Us

Cascade Farm is a pasture-based sustainable farm in Kelso, WA. We use holistic regenerative farming methods to better the health of our grass. This means that we carefully control the movements of multiple species of animals to produce the healthiest & tastiest animal as well as enriching the environment in which we live. The farm is located on 580 acres of beautiful pasture, old growth forests, and the Coweeman River which runs through the whole property. It truly is a beautiful place to raise heritage breed livestock animals.

Alex was raised in Redmond, WA and earned a degree from the University of Utah. Since college he has owned a CrossFit affiliate, served in the military, gone to more college, and now become a sustainable farmer!

Whitney grew up in Sammamish, WA and graduated with a degree in Psychology from BYU. Whitney is incredibly hard working, loyal, and supportive of Alex’s crazy ideas! She is a dedicated mother to three wonderful kids, Anna, Blake, and Max. When she is not juggling them, she is always trying to find ways to help on the farm.


The Cows: 
Our herd of heritage breed Red Devons and British Whites are 100% grassfed and are moved to new fresh pasture daily. We also raise beautiful red and black angus cows. Both herds have meat that has excellent marbling and tastes phenomenal.

The Pigs:
Our Berkshire, Tamworth, Old Spot, and Kunekune pigs are free to root, dig, eat, and explore our pastures. They are fed a soy-free non-GMO feed. These breeds are sought out by high end chefs for their deeper coloring and incredible flavor.

The Sheep:
Our Khatadin/Dorper mix sheep are never fed any grain and are finished in our pastures. We butcher our lambs between 5-9 months for tender, delicious meat. We don’t use any broad spectrum antibiotics.

The Chickens:
Our broiler chickens (meat chickens) spend their adult lives outside and are free to roam the pastures looking for tasty treats. Our layer chickens also spend their days foraging around their portable home, the “egg mobile”, which follows the daily movements of the cow herd.

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